ISSI a consultancy of senior Scientists, Engineers and Mathematicians recruited primarily from the Intelligence Community, who works with senior corporate executives and government leaders to develop strategic management or technical solutions to their most significant information protection challenges.

ISSI will solve your most challenging management and/or technical information/cyber security problems using a multidisciplinary team comprised of highly qualified professionals -- all with exceptional talent, education and experience -- drawn from both the offensive and defensive operational perspectives. We have hundreds of years of combined experience available to help with your most pressing Information/Cyber Security management and technology impediment.

Our approach, which integrates information/cyber security technology with policy, operations, people and management, provides our client’s with robust comprehensive solutions, to their most complex problems enabling them to confidently achieve their goals and exploit the opportunities offered by the digital revolution.

If your security challenges are out of the ordinary, you will find ISSI the most cost-effective solution. Because of our vast experience and integrated management and technology team approach, we are able to efficiently solve complex problems with tight deadlines.

How do you know if your security challenges are out of the ordinary? See our Clients page.